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Amok - Victim-Offender Ambivalence

Besides of treatment of chronic diseases (Adipositas-α+β-Post-COVID-19-emergency calls) I have developed methods of Quantum Medicine for treatment of nearly all acute diseases (Metabolic syndrome-γ+δ-Long-COVID-19-paranoid schizophrenia) free of medication.

In many cases a series of incidence-based or evidence-based diagnosis + immediate treatment of the indicated syndrome is enough for cure of victim-offender-ambivalence.

My focus are nonverbal treatments (victim) in normal live during seizures (Asanas) according to the principle Inzidence needs moan=Care (immediately stop bleeding).

Anguished patients (suicides-offender) need first a face-to-face interview about what is wrong (Hatha) according to the law Evidence needs groan=Private lessons (immediately internal scratch that it bleeds).

Hildburghausen, 08. Dec 2021, Andreas Tüchler

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