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Abstract (deutsch)
The Thesis Objective
1. Introduction
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Priorities and Structure of the Thesis
2. Barracuda Project
2.1 Architecture of the Barracuda MCU
2.2 Module Structure
2.3 RTL Synthesis
2.4 Putting all together
3. FPGA development
3.1 ALTERA FPGA Hardware
3.2 FPGA Place and Route
3.3 Preparing modules for FPGA Synthesis
3.4 FPGA Pin Assignment
3.5 Analysis of Performance, Ressources
4. Barracuda Prototype Board
4.1 Board Design
4.2 Board Features
4.3 Components Description
4.4 Connector reference
4.5 Board Configuration
5. PCB Design Automation with Perl
5.1 The program interface
5.1.1 Parsing Files
5.1.2 Package Definition
5.1.3 Symbol Generation
5.1.4 Create Devices
5.1.5 Create Schematics
5.1.6 Component Placement
5.2 Nature of program output
5.3 Adapting PCBscript to new functionality
5.4 Advantages of the generic method
6. Summary
7. Zusammenfassung und Ausblick

Appendix A
A.1 Schematics
A.2 Board Layout

Appendix B
B.1 Wrapper modules
B.1 Altera Fitting Report

Appendix C
C.1 Pin Reference (191 kB)
C.2 Connector Reference (33 kB)
C.3 Part Reference (4 kB)
C.4 Connections (130 kB)

Appendix D
FPGA Configuration (ACF) Files

Appendix E
E.1 Generic Synthesis Scripts
E.2 Project Specific Synthesis Scripts