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Screening - Quanten Medizin

Zur medizinischen Diagnose nutze ich Skills, Kunst Therapie und Methoden der Quanten Medizin.

I use own developed screening method which is tunneling of prional values. I get values which is quantum of action (focused on energetic terminal points) and afterwards spectral analysis of the received values for percentages. E.g. one energetic terminal point is charisma -> KMB-90 60 90-wirkt gesund.

A satellite based testing method is available based on Max Planck - Wide Fiel Imager.

  • Corona Antikörper E-Test (ICD-11)

    40 SARS-CoV-2 Variations

  • Corona Immun-Antwort B-Test (ICD-13)
  • Corona Antidot V-Test (ICD-14)
  • E-EKG
  • V-Blutdruck
  • Diagnose dissoziative Störung
  • ICD-47-Affekt

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