Alternative Therapist


Quantum Medicine

My focus is treatment of all patients who I meet (all Quantum Methods). Here a few examples of my Mile-treatments I did on anonymous patients on the way and at stops.

The patients I received without further notice as quota from patient organizations, surrounding hospitals, health offices and reinsurances.

Besides of outpatient one-time treatments of about 6000 Mile-patients I cured about 600 patients at different hospitals 1 year full-time.

With my own medical research I'm still an expert if others give up e.g. I also cure bipolar syndrome, Asperger syndrome, down syndrome, Sindbad, Ikarus, psoriasis, speach disorders, immun disorders with one-time treatments using methods of Quantum Medicine free of medication.

Hildburghausen, 07. Dec 2021, Andreas Tüchler

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